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Urban Fusion 

This is a show that has been done on America's Best Dance Crew, SYTYCD, TruTv, even KTLA. This showcases the different styles of dance that are done to most pop music of today. Along with some high energy and positive music and dance education. Urban Fusion will be a good intro for your kids to see the world of dance.

Light Dimension 

This show is booked all year round doing corporate events. This show is more theatric than dance as this involves LED suits. The suits come with LED lights that are preprogrammed to do specific light ques to cater to the dance and or the dancer. This show has opened up for T-mobile, Cardi B, Imagine Dragons, Cisco, etc. This show has dancers from America's Got Talent, to the VMAs.

The 4 elements 

A show that follows the 4 elements. As we have earth, wind, water, and fire. Hip-Hop has its 4 elements that make up the culture. This show will not only educate but also show what these 4 elements are and what 4 elements make up each of them. This show will teach the difference between vandalism and real graffiti art, Club Djs vs Real Djs, Trap and rap music vs Hip-Hop Music,  and break dancing vs breaking. Featuring Artists from Battle of the Year the Movie, Step Up the movie and professional graffiti artists.

Street Styles 

This show is very popular and gets booked out a lot for private events. This show focuses on the freestyle aspect of street dance where the dancers show off their skill through their solos. The show features dancers from Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards, TruTv's Fake Off and Nicki Minaj's Chun Li Music Video.

Beat Breakers 

While all shows feature break dancing, beat breakers is strictly a break dancing show. You see break dancing in a whole new light from the perspective of real break dancers. From hand stands to head spins, you will learn and see how this art form came about and how the dance moves are created. Featuring bboys from LL Cool J's live tour, Cirque du Soleil's La Nouba, and winners of multiple break dance competitons.