Urban Elements is a network of working professionals in the entertainment industry committed to bringing the same standard of entertainment to any setting. Our goal is to make the same entertainment you see on tv accessible to any corporation or person. Our wide network provides you with so many choices as to what can be in your event. Whether it is educational or purely to "WOW" your crowd, we have it all.

Meet The Director

My name is Hitcliff, people call me Cliff. I'm from the Philippines born and raised! I've been dancing and performing on stage since I was a 4 years old.

I moved to the US when I was 21, and because I had no family and friends I immersed myself in dance. And Through dance I met a lot of wonderful people. I've sang with different bands, danced with different artists and Hosted and MC a lot of corporate and private events.

One day, while I was backstage about to open for Cardi B I thought, "Man, if I could only show the 3rd grade version of me this kind of entertainment, that memory would last a lifetime". That's what sparked the idea to create a platform for every single professional that I know and connect them to every single client I have.

My people are ones I have a personal relationship with. I care deeply about my clients and want only the best for them. With that said, this website and business will contain services from great professionals in their respective fields. Shop around and let's make great memories together!

Cliff Tan

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