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Hailing from San Francisco, CA, this Dj has extended his work throughout Los Angeles and Las Vegas spinning at theHottest Night Clubs, Red Carpet Events, Fashion Shows, Radio Stations, Arenas, TV Shows and Commercials. His many successes and number of clients has established a name for himself through his unique mixes, original mash-ups, high-energy blends, creative selections, and passion for music. No matter the occasion, he always exceeds the expectations whether it is an elegant gathering or a massive concert. He continues to elevate his DJing skills in the Hollywood Spotlight and is still providing the best quality Disc Jockey Service today. 


Los Angeles DJ, from El Salvador. You see him all over the place since he is always spinning at a party somewhere in LA. He loves all genres of music which is why he can seamlessly transition to any feel or mood during the party. Though his latin background also makes him perfect for any latin event. His love for music creates a diversity that lets him transcend to any crowd with any music. He has years of experience under his belt. So whether it's a club, a corporate or a private event, he is your guy!


Chris has taken the Los Angeles scene by storm. He's worked multiple corporate and private events in the local area. LA Zoo New Year Party, Universal Studios Corporate Events, and a whole bunch of local private events. Whether it's a wedding or just plain old dance parties where we don't remember most of the party the following day, Chris has got the goods to make it the best party you will ever have!


Hailing from Israel, this Dj is widely known for his electronic mixes whether it's American or Jewish music. His loud sound with his hype beats are surely to make an impact on the vibe of the party. Even though he can play any club or party between Los Angeles and Israel, he loves doing private events and is perfect of any American or Jewish events. He's played for over a decade in the different Jewish communities all around Los Angeles. As well as events and clubs all over Israel. Bar or Bat Mitzvah, weddings, or whatever event it is. This is your guy.

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